Wanted!! Siamese, Persian or Bengal Kitten for sale in Torquay. Wanted!! Siamese, Persian or Bengal Kitten available on car boot sale in Torquay. More Cats for sale in Torquay and more second hand sale ads for free on 2lazy2boot - Torquay car boot fairs - 15265


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Wanted!! Siamese, Persian or Bengal Kitten - Cats

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Ref. number: 15265 Updated: 16-01-2011 13:56 by Oodle via Oodle.com
Ad type:Item offered for sale
Location:United Kingdom, Torquay

Details :

  • delivery: Local Delivery
  • pet_age: Baby
  • pet_breed: Bengal,Persian,Siamese
  • sex: Male
  • user_id: 40102099

I would love to re home a kitten. it will be loved a lot. needs to be a kitten because i have a dog, she loves cats, treats them as her babies. preferably male. will be neutered as soon as possible. will be well taken care of. no more than £50.00. thank you

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